We will miss you Carmen, yes you are an angel , you are a big loss for Marjeyoun.
    And yes it is very early to go, Bye Carmen.
    We will not forget your smile
    Salim Mahfouz

    Dear Friend Carmen,
    May your soul rest in Peace.
    Georges Zeidouni

    We will miss you Carmen, we will miss your smile.
    Red cross is not very RED without you,
    it is very early to go, BYE CARMEN..........
    Youssef Khalil Atallah

    Just I want to say, Carmen Hamra was an angel, she was a volunteer at the Red Cross for more than 11 years, she smiled for every one.
    She was proud of helping others.
    We will miss you, BYE CARMEN.
    Najib Swaidan

    To the soul of Dear Carmen Hamra:

    'fly precious one,
    Your endless journey has begun,
    Take your gentle happiness,
    Far too beautiful for this, Cross over to the other shore
    There is peace forevermore...'
    (from C. Dione's Fly).

    I will never forget your kindness, your smile and your big heart.
    I will never forget the days in the Red Cross..I will never...
    Good bye my friend.
    Kh. Michael Khatcharian
    Stavanger, Norway