Best Buddies Leadership Conference
Hamilton, Ontario
Saturday September 12, 2009

When I was born 29 years ago, the doctors told my parents to put me away and forget about me. They said I would not be able to walk, or talk or do what other kids do. They painted a very sad picture of what my life would be like. My parents said I was a gift from God and they would never, ever give me away.

Rob "brought the house down", to put it mildly !!! Robert "Degeneres" entertained over 350 in attendance prior to making his way to the stage to deliver his speech, which resulted in a rousing standing ovation. Professional production company videographers hired by Ideal-Way were on hand to capture every minute!!!

"Bring my people here" were Rob's eloquent words prior to signing a slew of autographs, followed by photo sessions with a bevy of beautiful young ladies! A real showman and character, as some of you already know! He has already been invited to speak in several cities across Canada and the US, and YouTube look out .... Rob's performance will be posted any day now!

A sentence towards the end of Rob's presentation that reads "What would those doctors say about me now?" says it all. Rob is truly the voice for his friends who cannot speak. Guests and delegates in the audience yesterday were touched by his words when he asked "How do you see me? See me first, and then my disability, or just see me?"

When you give people like Rob ... love, encouragement and opportunity ... amazing results are possible! Our wish is for each and every person with special needs to receive the love, encouragement and opportunity that Rob has been showered with all these years from all the special people in his life! God bless you all, as he has blessed Rob.